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Sell your gold, silver, coins, and jewelry to great rates to our precious metals and Rolex buyer in Tampa, Florida. Arthur Yates and Son can help you make money from your old or unwanted jewelry, coins, and precious metals. Go with the gold buyer and estate jeweler that was rated the Best Jeweler for 2008 in South Tampa by readers of the Tampa Tribune.

Buying Your Rolex Watches
Get a great price on your Rolex watch at Arthur Yates and Son. Rolex watches are extremely high-quality timepieces and we buy them at great rates. We accept all models and examine each to determine its age, condition, and value. Contact us at (813) 253-2164 to find our how to turn your watch into cash with our Rolex buyer.

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About Our Business
Established in 1957, Arthur Yates and Son is the place to buy and sell jewelry, gold, and coins. We have three owners with 100 years of combined experience; one of our owners is always on the premises to assist you with sales. It is our goal to give you the best rates whether you are buying or selling.

About Our Founder
Arthur Yates and Son was founded by Arthur Yates. Arthur gained experience in this field by working on timepieces in the Navy during World War II. He served on the battleship Pennsylvania and after the war he worked for another jewelry store until he opened his own in 1957. Arthur's two sons, Ronald and David have joined their father in the business and plan on continuing his legacy.

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