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Gold Buyer & Estate Jeweler

Turn your old jewelry, rare coins, and precious metals into cash by selling them to our gold buyer and estate jeweler in Tampa, Florida. Arthur Yates and Son specializes in the buying and selling of precious metals, including gold, silver, watches, and coins. Contact us at (813) 253-2164 to find out how to get money for your old jewelry and coins.

Buying Your Gold & Silver
Send your scrap gold and silver or jewelry pieces to Arthur Yates and Son for cash. We first examine the item with an acid test to see what karat it is and then we weigh it on a certified scale. The price we offer is made based on the current market pricing for gold, silver, and platinum.

Buying Your Collectible Coins
Make money from your old collectible coins by sending them to Arthur Yates and Son. We accept gold and silver coins minted in the US and abroad. Our business also accepts rare collectible coins; no quantity is too large or too small for us. We do the process while you wait and no appointment is necessary. By law we are required to pay you on the spot for your item.
Diamonds - Estate Jeweler

Buying Your Diamond Jewelry
Times are hard and finding extra money can be hard; but with Arthur Yates and Son you can sell your estate jewelry and diamonds to help make ends meet or splurge on that item you've always wanted. All stones are examined and we give you a price based on the current market value. Arrange to bring your item to our gold, diamond, and Rolex buyer for cash.

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